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The Newsletter for Shine Surrey members

June 2017


Dear Shine Surrey member,

Welcome to our latest newsletter and a warm welcome to any new members.

In this edition of the newsletter we have an update on our very successful tea party held on 23rd April, and our participation in the Lower Kingswood Fete.

We also have an update on our summer prize draw and a look forward to the Shine Surrey picnic on 2nd July. Plus of course the usual round up of news, events and activities in our area.

Update on Shine Surrey Tea Party – 23rd April

It doesn’t seem possible that it was over two years ago that we celebrated Shine Surrey’s 50th birthday and following a suggestion from one of our members, we decided to repeat the event although this time without the birthday cake!
audienceThe party was held at The Banstead Centre and there was something for everyone. Our popular children’s entertainer, Graham Lee, was back with balloons, tricks, and a seriously cute white rabbit.

For the adults, there were table quizzes, and congratulations to the eagle-eyed people that spotted the typo in the answers to the detectives quiz: Miss Marple is a Jane not a Joan!


girl with model rabbit



The food was supplied by Tierney’s Caterers and the cakes were supplied courtesy of various members of the committee. Sarah also made lots of yellow bunting which made the room look really festive and will definitely be making a reappearance at future events.

 If you came to the party, we hope you enjoyed it and took away lots of happy memories.


people at a table     people at a table

                                               people eating     people at atable

For those who were not able to make it, we have included a few of the many photos here in the newsletter, but do take a look at the gallery of photos on our website to see what you missed!

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Lower Kingswood Fete – Monday 1st May

As in previous years, Shine Surrey had a stall at the popular village fete in Lower Kingswood, and building on the success of last year, we voted to do another soft toy tombola. Each stall had a theme and ours was Robin Hood, complete with our very own longbow expert in the form of Joshua Churcher.

        stall at a fete with boy dressed as Robin Hood

Business was brisk as the fete opened, but before long the heavens opened as well, and many customers headed back homeward rather than brave the rain. Despite cowering under the gazebo, the rain water still got in and Robin’s merry men got a bit damp!

                                                                       people at a stall under a gazebo 

We have just heard that Shine Surrey’s share of the profits from the fete is £350! Great result especially given the weather.

Shine Surrey History

Those of you who came to the 50th birthday party may recall Liz Tadd mentioning a history of Shine Surrey that was being collated. The interest in our history began when the committee realised we were reaching this significant birthday milestone. We knew who our founder member was (take a bow Colin McLean!) but not what happened in the years after that.

After lots of phone calls, lots of questions and a few home visits, Linda Corbett had pieced together quite a lot of the puzzle and a fascinating picture was emerging, together with many unsung heroes. What started off as a short document and photos on her computer became a published booklet thanks to an amount of leftover cash from the lottery funding we received for the 50th birthday party. After a quick phone call to the lottery to check they were happy for us to use the cash for a follow-on project, it was full steam ahead.

As with any project, there were stops and starts and inevitably some delays, but we are now proud to announce that our booklet is ready for distribution! Those people who came along to the tea party will have already received a copy but everyone else will shortly be receiving theirs in the post. (If any tea party members didn’t take home a copy, please contact us and we will add you to the mailing list).

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Forthcoming Events - (Shine Surrey)

Summer Prize Draw

As you know, this is our annual big fundraiser and we’re hoping for a good result again this year. Please make sure any ticket stubs and payment is returned as soon as possible as the draw takes place on 2nd July.

Several people have put a note on their Facebook page to advertise the prize draw and this is a really good (and easy) way to get a few extra sales. By way of a reminder, this year's top prizes are:
   Afternoon Tea for Two (choice of locations)
   Virtual Reality Headset
   George Foreman Health Grill
   A smoothie maker

However, there will be many other prizes, including:
                       • Thorntons goody bags
                           • Luxury toiletries
                              • A bottle of champagne
                                  • A bottle of whisky
                                     • A Denbies vineyard train tour
                                        • Amazon vouchers
                                           • A £20 Tesco voucher
                                              • A £10 Cook voucher
                                                 • XBox games

                                                         and we are adding to the prize list all the time.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, this year we won’t have the benefit of matched funding which in the past has added around £750 to our funds. If you think your employer might provide this facility, please contact us as we desperately need to find alternative sources of income to plug this gap.

To make it even easier, Linda Corbett is happy to supply the wording for an enquiry letter/email that can be sent to the appropriate person in your organisation so please contact Linda directly if you are happy to make an enquiry on our behalf.

To enable you to return your stubs and payment, you should have received a stamped addressed envelope. If you are able to sell more than four books, please contact Linda and she will send you a larger SAE or arrange collection. Please make any cheques payable to "Shine Surrey" and good luck! You will only need to keep your fingers crossed until.......



Shine Surrey Picnic – Sunday 2nd July

Our ever-popular summer picnic will be held on Sunday 2nd July at the same place as last year: The Old Pheasantry in Mogador.

picture of a tudor style houseAs many of you know already, The Old Pheasantry is a large country house with three acres of gardens, which includes a play area for children.

In recent years, we have been lucky with the weather but in case of rain, we also have the use of the large downstairs room and kitchen so the picnic will happen whatever our British weather decides to do! For wheelchair users, the house has a ramp to provide access to the house and the toilet facilities are fully accessible.

The picnic will start at 3.30 pm and, if the weather is good, we will stay until about 7 pm to enjoy the early evening.  This is an event to suit all ages and you are welcome to bring outdoor toys and games as there is plenty of room for activities. We will be organising the very popular CD hunt for the children, and there is also a zip wire for those who like a bit more action (and tested by Benny Bear on more than one occasion!)

This event is free so all you need to bring is a blanket and your picnic (wicker basket optional) 

picnic basketHow to get there:

The Old Pheasantry is located at the top of Colley Hill near Lower Kingswood. For those with a satnav, you will need the postcode: KT20 7HF.

From the A217 (between Lower Kingswood and the M25), turn into Stubbs Lane which continues into Mogador Road. At the end of the road you will see a turning for the Sportsman Pub – ignore this and turn left. In the past, there's been a sign saying "No through road" but don't worry, this is the correct way!

It may feel like you've just gone offroading at this point but after half a mile, you reach and cross over the M25 bridge, then turn left into Merrywood Grove. 
The Old Pheasantry is at the end of Merrywood Grove on the right-hand side, and parking is immediately outside.

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Ideas for Future Eventsthought bubble with an idea


We are always keen to hear from members about the type of events you would find interesting. All suggestions will be considered by the committee so get your thinking caps on!


Forthcoming Events - (Shine Southern and Other)

Family Day at Birdworld – 23rd August

Back by popular demand, this is a great day out. Open to any families with a child under age 16, the cost is £5 per family and includes an “animal encounter” session. Booking is essential so please contact Angela Bailey if you are interested. Diary details are:
When: Wednesday 23rd August
Time: 10.30 am – bring a picnic
Where: Holt Pound, Farnham, Surrey GU10 4LD

Looking further ahead...

Future planned trips include a day out at Beale Park in Pangbourne, Berkshire on 23rd September and a trip to Bocketts Farm in Fetcham on 21st October.

More details of both events will be included in the next newsletter.

Blue Blobbers

The London social group, better known as the blue blobbers is a social group for young adults. They meet around once a month, usually on a Sunday, and the trips arranged for the rest of 2017 is set out below.

If anyone is interested in going to any or all of these events, please contact Chris Cunningham on 07816 169627. Alternatively you can email her at:

16th July –   Day trip to Brighton
6th August –  London Eye & London Aquarium 
3rd September –  Kensington Palace
24th September –   Visit to Plumpton Racecourse     (Near Brighton)
29th October –   Museum - Natural History or the Victoria & Albert
26th November – Christmas Market at the Embankment
10th December – Pre-Christmas Meal at the o2

Useful Information

Survey of Local Spina Bifida Clinics

Following on from the success Shine has had attending paediatric Spina Bifida clinics at John Radcliff, St. Georges & Birmingham Children’s hospital, Naomi Marston wants to put together a comprehensive list of the existing clinics within the region so....we need your help!

Where do you go for clinical expertise? Many people attend one clinic for orthopaedic matters, and often a separate one for bladder and bowel issues. Sometimes there are yet more appointments for other matters and we want to find out who goes where and what you think of the service, good or bad.

How can you help?
Please email or phone Naomi (contact details at the end of the newsletter) with the details of your clinic, even if it was a while ago you went. Some people only get an annual review, but it will help build up a picture of services in our area and what you think of them. We know you’re probably bored of voting and campaigning, but please send us your thoughts – they are important!

Accessible Parking and Toilets

In the run up to the start of the summer holidays, here is a reminder of a useful website that provides information on accessible toilet facilities.

Wheelmate is both a website and also available as a smartphone app, and gives you an instant overview of your nearest wheelchair-friendly toilets and parking spaces. All you need to do is add a town or area and then click on the symbols.

WheelMate is run by wheelchair users who add and verify every single location themselves, ensuring it works the way it should. The accessible toilets are marked with a “WC” symbol and a pop up box then allows space for users to add comments, which looks really helpful. To get on the website simply click on this link or copy it into your browser:

Transport for London – Accessible Seat Initiative

TfL has announced a new initiative which they hope will make it easier for disabled people using public transport to get a seat.

The free 'Please offer me a seat' badge and card is intended to let other passengers know that you need a seat. A pack can be ordered online via the link below:

or you can call TfL Customer Services on 0343 222 1234.

If anyone has used this and has feedback on whether it works, we would like to know!

Support Group in Merton

We have been advised of a support group for anyone living in the Merton area. Anyone seeking psychological support can make contact via the link below:

or telephone 020 3823 9063.

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picture of a lady smilingLinda’s Line

Someone’s Watching

Is it just me having a funny five minutes or has someone at Facebook HQ invented a “tag all” button? Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the section on Michael McIntyre’s shows where he sends a text message to all the phone contacts of the guest celebrity, there are some serious downsides to the Facebook version, which only became apparent after one of my Facebook friends employed this tag-all strategy with an update about someone I didn’t know. I ignored the post and mistakenly thought that would be the end of the matter.

However, it wasn’t long before I discovered that once you’re tagged in a post, every single reply from that person’s zillions of friends also gets notified to you, and my phone was pinging in Facebook updates on a regular basis for the next 48 hours. Clearly I’m not trying to offend anyone and I like hearing from people I know, but I really don’t need to spend hours deleting pointless updates telling me someone I don’t know has replied to a post that I’ve been tagged in, about a person I’ve never met on a subject that I knew nothing about in the first place. This tagging malarkey should definitely come with an information tsunami warning and I’d be more than happy to hear how you prevent a similar deluge occurring in the future.

And on the subject of unwanted information, have those of you who use social media ever noticed how adverts pop up showing you things you recently googled on the internet? I can be searching for a craft item or a raffle prize and within ten minutes, that self same item is now being waved under my nose on Facebook. Clearly someone has written some clever algorithms but it’s becoming a bit of an internet disease. The problem isn’t limited to social media either; Amazon are just as guilty of this and send me almost daily emails inviting me to look at their special offers. Ignoring the fact that they are adding to my daily task of clearing out loads of junk email, what I really object to is that they’re showing me items I’ve already purchased!

A classic example of this is when I bought the prizes for this year’s Shine Surrey prize draw; whilst Shine obviously reimburses me, the bigger items were initially purchased on my credit card, and within a matters of hours the offers began. By the end of the week I was besieged with special promotions on George Foreman grills, smoothie makers and VR headsets. Why in the name of sanity would I want another George Foreman grill? Perhaps they think I was so impressed with the first one that I couldn’t resist another bargain? I feel an email on its way to Amazon to explain that I am not establishing a personal collection of 21st century food grilling machines, nor am I not starting a home museum of kitchen appliances.

Ebay has taken this desire to fulfill my every shopping wish one step further by “specially selecting” items for me; these are unfailingly based on items I have recently purchased. (Note to self: copy in ebay on the Amazon email). However if I haven’t been buying things on ebay in the previous few weeks, they presumably have to fall back on some other method of selecting items and recently they have come up with some very bizarre suggestions.

The other day I had an email – handpicked for me of course – recommending a pair of trainers for running (totally pointless – the only thing that is long-running is the saga of actually getting footwear in the first place), a car rack for transporting a bicycle (don’t own one and can’t ride one), any number of food processors and mixers (go away!) and a yoga mat. Seriously? I have enough trouble getting out of the bath in one piece, never mind trying to break the kit by lying on the floor and shoving my limbs into some contorted position. I’d love to know how these people choosing the “specially selected” items can get it so completely wrong and, more importantly, how they can tap into your online browsing in the first place. Maybe they read all my internet traffic?

Ebay and Amazon: if you’re reading my blog, please stop sending me offers on hiking boots and cycling gear, and start finding cut-price offers on Hotel Chocolat instead!

                                                    All I want is peace, love, understanding and a choclate bar bigger than my head

Contact details

Email us at:

Your committee members are:

Mrs Liz Tadd (Chair)  

Dr Andrew Tadd (Treasurer)

Mr Simon Marsh (Secretary)

Mrs Sarah Smith

Mrs Linda Corbett 

Mrs Sylvia Aslangul 

Ms Rhian Lally


For advice please contact:

Mrs Angela Bailey – Telephone: 01293 775775.

Please note that Angela works:
Monday 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 9am – 5pm
Friday 9am – 4.30pm.

Please leave a message on the answering machine if Angela is not available.

Ms Christine Cunningham - London Boroughs of Merton and Croydon.

Please contact her on 07816 169627.

Christine works 9am – 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am – 3pm Friday.

Mrs Naomi Marston – SDW Manager and Service Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01959 534618

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